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Welcome to the web site of the Bservisi marketing agency and thank you for visiting us!

We designed and produced packaging for OleoTherapy oil serums range from Kemig! We wish great sales results for brand and a lot of satisfied customers. Live long & prosper :-)

Mandis pharm pharmacy has new responsive web site: !
Except better design, this complex and comprehensive web every month gives visitors information about discounts and promotions on 18 locations around Croatia. It also contains controlled advertising options. Whole monthly maintenance is very simple thanks to uploading two excel files. Web is a real programming gem by our partner :-).

We are proud of new Limonce Amaro and Crema gift boxes for Stock company in Croatia. We offered "turn-key" service from design, graphic prepress, printing, finishing and periodically on-demand delivery to client's warehouse.

From global brands to individuals, Bservisi offers a unique approach to marketing and design on all medias.